Prefetch Folders & Tune XP

  peter4076 09:16 20 Jan 2005

Can anybody give me any thoughts on subjects for discussion, I don't know anything about Prefetch folders, but Tune XP sounds brilliant and it makes you wonder why the world and it's mother hasn't got it running on there machine, all input gratefully received.

  The Sack 11:01 20 Jan 2005

The contents of the prefetch folder can be emptied at will but at the next boot the PC will start to re-build the list of programs to be prefetched. When the folder gets too full it’s a good idea to empty it as it starts to have the opposite effect and starts to slow the process of opening programs down. But as the contents get re-built everything you empty it is isn’t a good idea to do it every time you turn the PC on as this will slow down your start up time.

You can disable prefetch by stopping the task scheduler service but your PC will then use more physical RAM so it’s best just to leave it running.

  peter4076 12:03 20 Jan 2005

Impressed "The Sack" so empty it but don't disable it, thankyou for that. I'm quite faint hearted myself....I leave it to the pioneers of the forum to boldly go where I fear to tread, I am of the generation of computer players that believe if it aint broke leave it be, but I feel I miss out on some good free downloads, so has anybody tried and tested "Tune XP" according to overclockers it's the numero uno free download.

  gudgulf 14:37 20 Jan 2005

I use this to deal with prefetch files click here

You can use it to delete,block altogether or use the default of only allowing prefetch files that are used at boot.

  peter4076 14:51 20 Jan 2005

Cheers gudgulf Will probably download & save it until I have heard some more.

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