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  spud 20:04 04 Jan 2004

Hi all
I was just wondering is it always safe to delete everything from the prefetch folder,are they just shortcuts created by xp? I have just found 79 files in mine and put them in the recycle bin,but not yet emptied it.
Thanks in advance Phil

  ton 23:43 04 Jan 2004

What Is Prefetch?? -

Taken From Microsoft Website -
"Windows XP monitors the files that are used when the computer starts and when you start applications. By monitoring these files, Windows XP can Prefetch them. Prefetching data is the process whereby data that is expected to be requested is read ahead into the cache. Prefetching boot files and applications decreases the time needed to start Windows XP and start applications."

This information is logged and stored on your hard drive taking up space and requiring a process to be kept running monitoring which applications are being run. This has a performance impact on your PC. Disabling the Prefetch function or at least only enabling it for the Boot Files will allow you to free up some system resources and preserve some disk space.

Installation Instructions -
Windows-XP-Prefetch-Clean-And-Control requires no installation or un-installation and is a standalone application.

Instructions For Use -
Step One - Click the Clean Prefetch Folder Now button to flush the Prefetch Log.
Step Two - Select your Prefetch Settings and click on Set Prefetch Parameters.
Step Three - Reboot

  Forum Editor 23:51 04 Jan 2004

before disabling prefetch. If, like me, you regularly work with three or four applications at the same time it can be a friend indeed. It considerably reduces the time it takes to open a programs and I find it improves my productivity just that little bit during a busy day.

The performance reduction it causes is miniscule, and I challenge anyone to see it as significant.

  Jester2K 08:38 05 Jan 2004

Prefetch is a log of which applications you use and how often. It's built up over time by Windows XP. Flushing the log periodically can help remove dead data from the log but means you have to start collecting that data from scratch. Prefetch can also be switched on and off...

Personally I have had Prefetch disabled for quite a while now (over a year at least) and i constantly run 4+ applications at a time. I recently ran a test where i re-enabled it for 2 weeks. I did notice almost immediately that my Hard Drive did become more "thrashy". Seemed to be lots more HD accessing going on during application launches than when Prefetch was not enabled. It never really settled down over the 14 or so days i ran the test for so i disabled it again. With Prefetch Off i seem to have a snappier, quieter Hard Drive. Admittedly it doesn't seem to make the PC run any faster overall but it does seem to quieten the hard drive down a bit.

Feedback from users of Windows-XP-Prefetch-Clean-And-Control (31,000+ downloads from my website alone since version 1.2.0 was released on 30th October 2002) tells me that its an individual thing. Some like it enabled and some don't. MS gives you the choice to do it but no front end. PCC gives you that front end. Some people like to use it just to flush the Prefetch folder to "refresh" the data there, some have experimented with the settings and prefer Prefetch On and some prefer it Off.

If you want to try PCC go ahead. Its easy to re-enable Prefetch again if you want to.

I can't promise you amazing results but i was pleased with the results when someone showed me the way to disable the Prefetch so i wrote this front end to make it easier.

Furthermore (and without getting into an argument about this) the first paragraph in ton's posting was taken from Microsoft themselves. The second paragraph "This information is logged and stored...." are my words. To date i have seen this paragraph quoted on many other websites and doesn't seem to have been rubbished or flamed yet! (I do check to see what people say...) Either people are taking my words as read or people agree.

Either way its your decision. You can't break anything by disabling it. It might make things "snappier", then again it might not.....

  AndySD 11:26 05 Jan 2004

I have been using Jester2k's Windows XP Prefetch Clean And Control for quite a while now with no problems at all. click here

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