Preferred network problem

  daba 22:27 11 Jan 2010

I have 2 XP SP3 laptops which need a local wired LAN for connections to automation equipment.

Separately, both laptops need to connect to the Internet via WiFi router.

Connection to Internet only works if the LAN cable is pulled from each laptop.

There is absolutely no requirement for the wired LAN to have access to the Internet.

I have been told about the Adapters and Bindings preferred order in Advanced Settings, and it is set to Wireless First, LAN second.

Anyone got any ideas why I can't get this to work concurrently?

  mgmcc 22:31 11 Jan 2010

How are the devices in the "wired" LAN getting their IP addresses? If they are manually configured with static addresses, have you put them in a different Subnet (IP address range) from the "wireless" LAN which, presumably, gets dynamic addresses by DHCP from the router?

  daba 22:42 11 Jan 2010

The wired LAN assignments are fixed and 21.

The wireless are DHCP from the router, and 5.

All are on SubNets.

Are you saying that they need to be on different subnets for this arrangement to work correctly?

I will try with :-
Wired Static Static

Wireless DHCP DHCP

  daba 23:18 11 Jan 2010

thank-you mgmcc

changing the wired lan to a different NetID has solved this problem.

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