Pre Loaded Software - reinstalling

  SLIMMERTIF 15:10 22 Jan 2005


I bought a brand new computer in October, and it came with preloaded antivirus software, Norton 2004. This was for a trral period. When the period was nearly up, I sbscribed to Symantec, received an activation code, and all has been fine, until now!!

Auto-Protect displays "Off" and Email Scanning displays "Error" in the Norton AntiVirus 2004 System Status screen

(This is what is on their site:
The Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect icon is no longer in the system tray or has a red x through it. Auto-Protect is not working, and attempts to enable it fail. In the Norton AntiVirus user interface under System Status, Auto-Protect is "off." Email Scanning shows "Error."

This problem has more than one possible cause. To fix the problem, try the solutions in the order given. If the first solution does not fix the problem, then continue on to the next solution until the problem is fixed.)

I have follwed their instructions, and tried all solutions aprat from the last suggestion on un-installing and re-installing the software. As I bought the omputer with this pre-loaded, what can I do now?

Any helpful suggestions...


  Diodorus Siculus 15:17 22 Jan 2005

Did you get a norton CD? Or any CD with various utilities on it? It may be on one of those.

  g0nvs 15:19 22 Jan 2005

Uninstall Norton 2004. Download & install AVG 7 from click here it's free & works very well.

  SLIMMERTIF 15:24 22 Jan 2005

Nope - I didn't get any software cd's at all - I have a partitioned recovery disk - but obviously don't want to try anything as drastics as that!! I am re-looking at their site, and checking and rechecking my computer for viruses, I will also check with a spyware prog to see if I have anything hidden. I am also haveing a hiccup with my cd writer sofwtare - in that it will copy a disk fine, but will not burn a music cd, no matter what I do!! Gremlins and computers I reckon go hand in hand!!


  SLIMMERTIF 15:25 22 Jan 2005

Trouble is gOvns - I have only just paid for a years subscription!!

  SLIMMERTIF 15:26 22 Jan 2005

Ooops - sorry spelt your name wrong -

  woodchip 15:52 22 Jan 2005

If you got a Code, click in the help in Norton click regiter and put the Reg number in the box

  woodchip 15:52 22 Jan 2005

It may be in about

  SLIMMERTIF 16:15 22 Jan 2005

I had a code and have registered the product all ok - I can get the live updates, and my subscription does not run out until the renewal date of 13th December 2005. When I go to start and programs - and then to PC Security etc, and run NA - it will come up as running, immediately refresh, and that is when I get the eoor message saying that Auto Protect is off, and email scanning has an error. I have run msconfig as they have stated, but I do not have CCAPP running at start up - I have done asearch for this, and I have a file called CCAPP - but not sure if I should really be playing around this deeply!!

  SLIMMERTIF 18:45 24 Jan 2005

Hi Guys - My problem is now resolved. I contacted HP (I have a HP Media Centre PC) and they have e-mailed back with instructions as to where exactly pre-installed software is "hidden" on my PC.I have un-installed norton, re-installed it, downloaded all updates, and all ok!!

Solved - at last - Thanks for all the hep and suggestions from everyone.

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