Pre-loaded ISP

  the golfer 11:58 15 Oct 2004

My son recently bought a Tiny PC for his son which has the ISP "Supanet" pre-loaded. How can he change this to an ISP which he prefers. Many thanks in advance.

  wobblymike 12:04 15 Oct 2004

He can simply ignore it and load up his own in the conventional way. I did this for quite a long time until I eventually got round to reformatting my HDD and reinstalling my own version of windows which of course got rid of it. The only irritation you will have is that it will pop up on every boot up - just cancel it. I assume your PC is one with preloaded OS and you don't have a OS disc.

  Graham ® 12:11 15 Oct 2004

It should be in Add/Remove programs. Or look in Programs to see if an uninstal option is provided.

Also, remove it from the Start menu.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:43 15 Oct 2004

Do you mean that the modem is locked to supanet? This was the practice of Time not so long ago and may well be the same with

  the golfer 13:07 15 Oct 2004

It is supposedly pre-loaded and to remove it you have to go on line with Supanet to the Tiny web site to "maybe" get a cure. I thought some of you guys would know an easier way.

  Rand Al Thor 14:11 15 Oct 2004

This solution has been applied on a system with XP.
To uninstall supanet net from your time systems on startup.

1. run regedit
2. search for supanet and delete all strings
3. next search for status.exe (C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\Status.exe) delete this file
4. exit.

  the golfer 08:47 16 Oct 2004

Many thanks guys

  JoeC 09:37 16 Oct 2004

about same

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