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  It's Me 19:44 25 Jun 2004

I have a 1.2Gb Athlon powered computer, using Windows ME, which I intend taking to another place to use when on holiday.
It is being replaced by a new Mesh which is coming with Xp Home edition preinstalled. I have bought a copy of Windows XP Pro for this machine as I wanted a full copy of it not just an installed version which I understand can be a severe problem if problems occur(if you follow). To do this, after I've used Partion Magic 8.0 to create separate partitions, I intend formating C Drive to get rid of the pre installed Home XP, and then installing XP Pro. So the first question is, will this work out OK? It sounds too simple to me so perhaps I've missed something!
However, it occurs to me that there is apparently a working Home XP which would do for the old machine if I could transfer it. If I used Norton Ghost to copy the existing C drive on the new machine prior to formatting it; and use this on the old C drive would that work? so that the old machine is also on XP, and where in this would the recovery disk provided by Mesh fit in if at all.
Any or alll comments would be gratefully received.
Doing this doesn't appear to me to be illegal, as two separate copies of Windows will be two different machines. Incidently, not that it matters perhaps, the old machine is by Mesh also. Any comments will be gratefully received.

  Dorsai 20:00 25 Jun 2004

well..illegal?? you will have paid for two copies of XP, so i, personally, think you should be allowed to use both....I guess just dont't register either copy till you have them on the pc you want them's the getting where you want...

New retail HDD's sometimes ship with software to copy everyting off the old HDD to the new one...did by a WD HDD and use this to copy winME (any everything else) form old to new with no probs...but it insisted on full format/partition on destination (for me, new) HDD. would this work to copy pre-installed XP setup off new PC to old one?? guess if it did you would lose everyting on the old PC's HDD....

  pirash 20:01 25 Jun 2004

if u going to install a windows xp pro u should completely remove everything on it before u install any OS on it. also chekc if u have the drivers for ur mainboard and hardware. if not check if its supported by xp before u do anything.

  pirash 20:04 25 Jun 2004

also u could have dual boot on your computer.

  It's Me 20:42 25 Jun 2004

I should have mentioned that the old PC has 7 partitions on it spread over 2 HDDs and that C Drive only contains ME. However, as I see it, I would have to format each of the drives anyway, and reinstall the software I needed there which is much less than at present.
No one is saying either way. So I guess that I'll have to give it a try. Making sure that I have a Ghost copy of each of the drives located on one of the partitions which I can free up for the purpose, in case it doesn't work.

  hugh-265156 22:02 25 Jun 2004

you wont have any problems making an image with ghost,drive image etc to have as a back up but the chances are the pre installed version of xp will be locked to the new computer that it is supplied with so it can only be used on that machine and wont be transferable to another.

when you get the new machine click: control panel/help/about windows/end user licence agreement and read that to find out if its only for use on that computer.

I would install the full version of xp on the old machine and keep the pre installed version on the new one but make an image as above for use when things go wrong.

  It's Me 20:58 26 Jun 2004

Many thanks for the comments everone.

  It's Me 20:58 26 Jun 2004

Many thanks for the comments everone.

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