prassi primo dvd

  ozzy 123 14:48 05 Jan 2003
  ozzy 123 14:48 05 Jan 2003

Hello and happy new year to all.
i asked this question during the xmas hols but no one il'l try again with hope.
when i bought my pc it came with a prasi primo dvd cd writer software. ive recently started to put a lot of photos on to disc.and have not yet figured out how to leave the disc open to put more photos on the same disc at a later date.i allways write my photos to disc using the my pictures folder in windows xp i dont know if it records the photos to disc using my software or if it uses its own biult in to xp. and if it does is it possible to configure its own writer software to be left open.
many thanks.....

  barrie_g 16:08 05 Jan 2003

Normally when I use XP's own burning software for copying files to cd it leaves the disc open, have you tried adding more pictures to the cd or because the writing wizard has said closing disk just not tried?

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