In Praise of Microsoft's Training

  Queen's Lead 09:02 29 Oct 2004

I don't have enough experience of 'web-based' anything to even call myself a 'newbie'.

I'm on Day 3 of a decision to teach myself how to set up a website - the space is already paid for with my subscription to Blueyonder.

I work out of the country and decided a website would inform family and friends of the information commonly requested.

To that end I've been doing the Web based tutorials on Frontpage at click here and, quite frankly I'm stunned.

The layout, clarity and quality of that training for 'free' (covered in the price of the product - one of the hidden benefits of 'overpriced bloatware') is stunning.

I have been a trainer in aviation in past lives and understand the resources and effort required to present training packages that are of high quality.

I salute Microsoft and congratulate them on the quality and user-friendliness of this package. It integrates into my Frontpage application and it's interactive, the tutorials have worked out well - all this in a hotel room in Kuwait.

There are a lot of Microsoft 'knockers' out there - I myself belong to that list from time to time.

But, I DO believe that credit should be given when it's deserved. IT IS DESERVED.

So WELL DONE Microsoft and thank you for easing my task, indeed it's a task I'd put off for months as I thought it'd be too difficult.

The nuances probably will be difficult and (as in all things) will come with time, but the basics are dealt with simply and effectively.

Whole-heartedly recommended for drongos like me!!

  Forum Editor 16:07 29 Oct 2004

is indeed "one of the hidden benefits of 'overpriced bloatware'", and it's overlooked by those who delight in looking for ways to criticise Microsoft. No company is beyond criticism of course, and the Redmond giant is no exception, but anyone who needs a kick-start into using any of the MS Office products would do well to take a look at what's on offer from the the Office training resource.

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