Practical not just possible.

  Stowit 16:29 26 Mar 2005

I have an old AT case & a desire to swap my tower to a desktop format. Is it practicle to change it over to ATX format? My mobo is 'midi' form & just looking, it may fit, although the ports dont alighn & power switch is obviously needs fetling. I want it to stand with my video, & will require painting anyway. Is it worth the messing or can anyone suggest where a apropriate cheap case is available?

  Gongoozler 16:42 26 Mar 2005

Hi Stowit. Nothing is impossible if you're prepared to work on the problem long enough, but I doubt that it is really worth the effort. You would probably do better to get an old desktop AT computer and use the case from that than to try modifying an ATX case, and even then you might have to do some mods.

  pj123 16:44 26 Mar 2005

I doubt whether you will get any AT motherboard to fit into an ATX case.

  dan11 16:49 26 Mar 2005

Ye gods, you do like a the simple life;)))

To kick off, I think you will need to,

change the psu,

change the on/off switch ( AT's usually work off 240 volts ) You may get away with just cutting the wires and re tagging them?

Probably have to angle grind or cut an apature to take a ATX back plate. ( they can be either snaped in or screwed in)

Will the micro ATX mobo match up with the case retaining holes?

  DieSse 16:50 26 Mar 2005

The power switch will need more than just fettling, they're totally different types of switch. And the AT power supply is useless for an ATX board.

Cases are so inexpensive, it's far from practicable, and probably you would save little, if anything.

  Diemmess 17:01 26 Mar 2005

Phew! Talk about making work for yourself.

Sit back and relax with how not to do it.
click here
-this site was posted sometime last year, but I forget who was responsible.

  Stowit 18:30 26 Mar 2005

Oh Gawd my Towers a p4 midi ATX, the desk top case an AT. Sorry I wasn't clear. I think the same arguments may aply though.

  Stowit 18:42 26 Mar 2005

Thanks everyone, I've got the answer to the question.I expect some fidling, but dont want to dismantle my Pc for a lot of trying to get it to fit.

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