A PPS file extension cannot be seen

  gudda96 14:02 12 Dec 2003

Hi There

Can anyone tell me how to change the file extension on an animation from .pps
To .gif or .jpeg.

I have tried opening in Irfanview but no good.

I can open it but my friend cannot when I send it.

  Taff36 14:43 12 Dec 2003

Depending on which version of Powerpoint you are using, and if you loaded the option from your installation discs (Office 97 onwards I think), go to FILE>SAVE AS> and in the bottom file type drop down box you will find the option to save it as a Powerpoint Presentation .pps

  gudda96 15:02 12 Dec 2003

Hi Guys

First of all
Andy J....I dont need to download PP, I already have it, and I can open this file doing right click with finger on shift /open with. It is the person I am sending it to who cannot open it

As you say, its no use doing rename and changing ext as it does not REALLY change it.


Same comments really, I thought I would be able to open it and then save as hoping I would have the option of doing so, it is a good funny so I do want a solution if poss

BTW...this is the best forum for quick responses

Thanks all of you, if anyone tells me how to send/attach, I will and you might be able to do something with it.

  gudda96 15:05 12 Dec 2003


You are bang on with your conclusions, he probably does not have PPS.

I am sure I have had this joke before with different ext, pity I cant open it and save as something else.

  Taff36 15:12 12 Dec 2003

Check my post above - you may be able to send it as a Powerpoint Show already and if so your mate doesn`t need the viewer because it plays on anyone`s computer. See the link posted before and the second paragraph of the overview.

click here

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