Flat Face 06:44 28 Sep 2004

My father-in-law having downloaded a (presumably spoof) spamblocker (I'm afraid I don't know which one)has found himself with large premium rate 'phone bills.

Using SpyBot it appears that he has also installed PpremiumInternacional which had piggy backed on the 'spamblocker' having come in as a trojan.

Is the use of SpyBot sufficient to prevent it from continuing to dial out or does a tool remover also need to be downloaed and run?

If so which one? - we don't want to unwittingly download one specially set up by the same originator and end up with yet more bills!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:35 28 Sep 2004

If he has XP, installing SP2 will prevent more coming on.

Spywareblaster will also be a help.

click here for a guide.

  Flat Face 09:17 28 Sep 2004

The system that was has PpremiumInternacional is MS W98 2nd Ed, so the XP SP2 isn't going to be any use to him.
Thanks for the thought though!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:18 28 Sep 2004

HAve you looked at the guide that I pointed to?

  vinnyT 14:02 28 Sep 2004

Your father-in-law could also contact his telephone supllier (BT, etc.) and have all premium rate calls blocked.

  Flat Face 14:11 28 Sep 2004

He has - unfortunately the dialer is also using using 0845 numbers which can only be blocked for a fee, and then of course they can't be used for genuine calls.

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