Powersupply Problem?

  Tadpoleuk 11:26 07 Jan 2008

I bought a custom pc in April 2007..Its been running like a dream up until now. My pc is on most of the day but in the last week I have noticed that if I shutdown my pc it dosnt want to turn back on again for about ten minutes.I push the power button and it is just totally dead.No lights no fans no nothing.It restarts from the restart option with no problem.I have also noticed that after I do a total shutdown the power light flickers sometimes for up to 30 seconds after I have removed the plug.I can also hear a ticking noise coming from the case when it is unplugged. It starts from cold with no issue.I presume this is a power supply problem.

This is my power supply.
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Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this please ? The pc is under warranty but I do not want to send it back to Holland to be looked at.Am I likely to damage my pc in any way by continuing to use it as it is ?

  Diemmess 12:23 07 Jan 2008

Appreciate your dilemma. It surely has to be the PSU.
I would not ignore the problem which if it is the PSU, could pop other things if or when it dies.

In view of the distance snag, can you email the firm for advice?
In my opinion you could use virtually the same words that you used when starting this thread.

Of course it may be something else, but the ticking noise is probably something cooling, and the flickering lights go on for much too long if you really have isolated the set from the mains supply.

  Pamy 13:03 07 Jan 2008

Does the computer maker have an English agent?

Perhaps an e-mail as Diemmess suggests to start with or could you borrow another power supply from a friend, it doesn't have to exactly the same.

  martjc 13:49 07 Jan 2008

...maybe IN the PSU. I'd send it back under warranty.

  I am Spartacus 17:48 07 Jan 2008

I've recently found myself that although Komplett have a UK depot, faulty items are sent overseas (Holland) to be assessed and replaced if confirmed as defective.

In my case it was one stick of a 2GB matched pair of RAM that turned out to be faulty and although I started the RMA procedure on 4 December and posted the items on 5 December it took until 4th January for them to offer a replacement. To be fair to them it was the holiday period but it still took quite a while. As they no longer had this in stock I took advice from Corsair and asked for 4GB matched RAM of a slightly different but current specification which is now being sent as replacement.

  Gamer555 18:21 07 Jan 2008

Try a different PSU in it and see if that cures the problem.

If not, it could be something shorting out. Perhaps a cable on the metal case? Check that nothing is touching the case, or the motherboard in an unusual way. Causing an electrical charge.

If it is the PSU and it isnt under warranty get this one as a replacment...

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