Powers off before system check

  [email protected] 18:20 10 Aug 2003

Having upgraded to an AMD 2700+ and ASrock K7SBX, it was working. Then it froze and on reboot powered down before a signal sent to the monitor! Expecting probable CPU meltdown(the temp was a bit high)got a replacement 2700+ and super Fortis Monster, same still happens???? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

  xania 09:31 11 Aug 2003

Is your fan making good contact with your heat sink. Usually there's a spot of paste on the base of the fan to make sure the heat transference works correctly. However, this may be protected by a small removable piece of tape - have you removed that tape

  [email protected] 23:21 11 Aug 2003

Thanks Xania for your response, but I use a minute dab of STARS 700 silver grease provided with the "Monster", so I don't think the problems is with the CPU or heatsink. How can you test the motherboard?????????

  DieSse 00:48 12 Aug 2003

You can't test a motherboard per se - you can only substitute until you find the faulty item.

Could be PSU - another fan fault (assuming it's not the CPU or CPU fan) - RAM - or a board - or a disk device - or the motherboard!

Try booting with the minimum devices/boards connected - also try with the motherboard not in the case (in case you've got an odd shorting problem.

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