PowerQuest Drive Image 7

  anniesboy68 15:22 18 Aug 2003

After reading a writeup I'm thinking of getting this program, however looking at the postings on this it looks as if a few people are having trouble! Anyone using it without trouble, please?Also my hard drive has three partitions i.e.C,D,E. I'm assuming that an image of C can be put onto D, which is large enough, is that correct please?.

  pj123 15:56 18 Aug 2003

why not try Ranish it is a free programme and does the same job from click here

  pj123 15:58 18 Aug 2003

what operating system are u using? Is your D: drive empty?

  coolio 16:13 18 Aug 2003

I use it at work up to 10 times a day to restore OS's and have never had any problems.

If you're not sure still try Norton Ghost. Also very straight forward.

If your D: drive has enough empty space, you can put an image of the c: on no problem, use high compression to minimize the size.

That OK???

  anniesboy68 16:25 18 Aug 2003

pj123...Using XP, and no, the D drive is not empty, I have various backing up files on it, there is plenty of room on it

  anniesboy68 16:30 18 Aug 2003

Coolio...can the image go on a..say a DVD-R or CD-R disk

  temp003 16:53 18 Aug 2003

Yes, Drive Image supports writable DVD (and definitely CDR). They have a list of supported optical drives. click here and click Compatible Drive List on the right.

  pj123 17:02 18 Aug 2003

You could use a programme like Acronis (which was free on a recent coverdisk) you can image it to CDs, but it takes 6 or 7 CDs. Trying to "image" it to another hard disk, the disk needs to be empty otherwise the image will overwrite what it already on there.

  anniesboy68 17:13 18 Aug 2003

pj123...Thanx, I won't bother, I don't want to lose whats on the D drive. Will have to stay with System Restore methinks. Although, come to think of it I could save all the D stuff to disk then put it back after drive image has done with the drive. Remember, it's a drive I'm thinking of saving to, not another hard disk! What do you think?

  leo49 17:22 18 Aug 2003

Just to clarify things here as you seem to be under a misapprehension - Drive Image doesn't 'image' the whole drive, it creates an image file of the USED space.[and that image is compressed by up to 50%].

So, for example, if your C drive were 10 gb in total with 5gb used, then drive image will create an image file[at 50% compression] of 2.5gb. This file can be stored anywhere,other than the C drive, just like any other file.It can also be split-up during the creation process into CDR-sized chunks and burnt at once or later using, say, Nero.


  -pops- 18:13 18 Aug 2003

It is wise not to backup to the same physcial entity as the item you are backing up, even though it may be a different partition.

If the drive curls its toes and dies ( quite possible with a mechanical device), you will be left with nothing.

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