PowerProducer2 VHS to DVD

  badgermansix 09:38 24 Nov 2004


I have the full version of PowerProducer2, I also have WinTV2000.

I have attached my VHS recorder to my PC and can get an excellent picture and sound via WinTV and the coaxial cable.

I have a JVC HR785 recorder, the available ports at the rear are "Ant In" "Ant Out" "Sat. Control"
"Audio R/L" and scart leads.

However, I want to copy tapes to DVD but when I start PP2, get to the capture screen, the VCR is not showing

If I can get the video to the PC via WinTV, why won't the PP2 prog. pick up the VCR?


  badgermansix 14:51 24 Nov 2004


  Graham ® 15:06 24 Nov 2004

Just been looking at the PP2 spec., no mention of VCR input, which is RF on an aerial.

  badgermansix 22:27 24 Nov 2004

Hello graham,
I downloaded the instructions from Cyberlink, there is a section "Convert vhs tapes into DVDs/VCDs, it looks pretty straightforward, but it isn't (at least for me) :-))

  badgermansix 22:34 24 Nov 2004

I should also have said that the advise says "PC Capture Card, Connect one end of the cable (RCA with yellow connections) to the Video-in on the capture card, connect the other end of the cable to the Video-out port your VCR"
As I do not have a Video-out port on the VCR, I am using a scart socket with Yello White Red ports, but with no luck!

  Blartfast 00:05 25 Nov 2004

It may be that your scart adaptor is built to take signals into the VCR. some pins of the scart connector are for input & some are for output. Some of these adaptors have a switch to change them between input and output. Yours may be an "input only" version. Type scart into a search engine for a pin diagram.

  badgermansix 09:11 25 Nov 2004

Thanks Blartfast, I have it plugged in to AV1 In/
Out socket, the actual connecter is an Out connector, I did not know there was a difference!

I think I am getting confused with the connections to the PC!

On the Scart connector there are three ports, red, yellow and white.
The "Capture" card, where my monitor is plugged in is a Gainward?
It has a small nine pin video socket, the adapter cable that plugs into that has four outlets, two yellow, two red.

I bought a cable from Maplins, Red Yellow white connectors at one end (for the scart), and yellow with just one black male pin at the other?

I assume that the black pin is audio left and right?

I have connected the yellow "scart" lead to the yellow Gainward video socket, and the black pin to the Line in port on the mother board?

But where does the co axial and the win tv card come into it all???


  badgermansix 19:19 25 Nov 2004


  grumpy-git 23:31 25 Nov 2004


I bought one of the above kits, an s-video lead connects the scart plug to the pc for the picture and the audio leads connect from the scart to the pc for the sound.

My pc is new & only discovered today how it was done, so I am no expert - but it seems to work. Still copying the tape at the moment, will try playing it tomorrow & see how good the results are.

I don't know about the win tv card & the co-axial for copying videos, my pc is using PowerCinema with a Medion video capture card.

Hope this helps?


  badgermansix 17:36 26 Nov 2004

thanks grumpy-git, (funny, thats what my wife calls me!!).

I'll have a look at the S-Video, I hope you will let me know how yoy get on.

Are you using PowerProducer?

  badgermansix 20:45 27 Nov 2004


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