PowerProducer VHS to DVD

  badgermansix 07:34 20 Jun 2004

Can anyone recommend a programme similar to Power Producer VHS to DVD?
I have Downloaded and tried this prog. but my hardware is not compatable with it:-

HAMD Athlon or Duron Model 6, 1533 MHz
256 MB system RAM
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
1024x768 resolution, 32 bits/pixel
Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack

The writeris a _NEC DV-5800B CDR/RW
The VHS recorder is a JVC Nicam HR-J785


  Sharpamatt 08:23 20 Jun 2004

Have you a TV card installe? because without one you will have problems transfering to your drive.

you state you have a CD RW drive but to produce DVDs you need a DVD rewriter

Power producer is excelent program for transfering VCR to DVD

  badgermansix 18:03 21 Jun 2004

I can be a bit of a $%^& at times :-)
I do indeed have a NEC DVD R/W ND2500A installed.
together with WinTV2000 which I hope will suffice?

It appears from the PowerProducer web site that this R/W is not on the compatable list, this is why I have asked for an alternative programme :-)

  Sharpamatt 17:55 22 Jun 2004

Just because its not on the list does not mean it will not work.

If you go into power producer , create DVD,then choose your size and settings, you should then get to a screen from which you can capture what you want to use, In your case select TV. You can then select the channel your Video is on your TV Card.

Then select record on the screen which is showing that Picture.

Once the Video is finished select stop, then go to next page On Power producer ( I presume you do have a full version of Gold ) and follow on screen instructions

I suggest a short clip. ( 2/3 mins )and use a DVD RW, that way if it doesnt work you have wasted nothing but a bit of time as you can wipe the disk clean.

  badgermansix 22:05 25 Jun 2004

I am trying PowerProducer2, trial version.
I do not want to spend money on a programme that cannot find the dvd drive, or the VHS recorder,
the only option of an imput that it gives me is Capture a PC Camera, or import Video Files from withing the PC itself, I just cannot get the VHS recorder :-(

  Sharpamatt 06:42 26 Jun 2004

Any trial program will only give limited access,
and limited use.

Get a small Video Clip from anywhere and try burning to a DVD? RW useing Power producer.

You should in the TV card have a capture /record mode use that.capture a video from that, save to your system in a folder, then try burning.

Your video recorder is not going to show up as a seperate item only as a channel number on your TV card, you need to scan channels on that card, with a ideo running to find what channel number it is.
As for if your drive is suported if you look click here it gives a list of drives Marked with * and at bottom of page shows all OEM drives by NEC are supported, but try emailing cyberlink and ask

  jbaker65 11:13 26 Jun 2004

I have tried Power producer and others but finally settled on uLead video studio which I prefer. Just a warning, if you have tried Pinnacle, you may have trouble with other programs as Pinnacle seems to leave things in the registry which cause conflicts even after it has been un-installed. I had to wipe my hard drive and re-install everything to overcome this problem.

  badgermansix 19:43 26 Jun 2004

Yessss!! Sharpamatt, I tried what you suggested,
used a small clip from my digital camera, I can make a small .mov clip with it, converted it to .avi format, used PowerProducer2 to burn it to dvd, took the dvd disc downstairs, put it in my dvd player and watched the clip on my t.v.
I am delighted with this, thanks...now I want to copy from the VHS recorder that I have attached to my PC and do the same thing, should this work??. it looks as if I will be buying the full prog (PowerProducer) now.
Thanks jbaker65, I am new to this stuff so have not tried anything else at the moment, now that I am getting somewhere with PowerProducer, with the help of Sharpermatt, I will persevere for the moment.. :-))

  Fullywired 20:04 26 Jun 2004

how have you attached your VCR to Your PC, i need to take some stuff offf some VHS's and put them onto DVDs but i have no idea how to do this, i have a GeForge Ti4200 graphics card, can it be done and how much is it likely to cost for extra hardware??

  Sharpamatt 06:27 27 Jun 2004

As I said, useing normal ariel lead from ariel thro VCR to input on TV Card.

Then scan channels and find the one that is associated to your video.

Useing full PP Program select setting when you get to 3rd screen you will get option to capture from TV. select that

on the options channel number set to your vcr channel. press record, when finished press stop, then useing onscreen and page foward burn you DVD

  badgermansix 08:07 27 Jun 2004

You are up early Sharpamatt, I'll give this a try at once and respond later :-)
Fullywired - I have followed Sharpamatt's advice to the letter and used a normal arial lead :-)

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