Powerpoint viewer with Vista

  swapper 23:07 25 Mar 2010

Vista Premium?
My friend has downloaded and installed the Powerpoint viewer from microsoft, but it will not run.
It has installed o.k. to the best of his knowledge but when trying to open it is told that it is not accessible.
any ideas please?

  Sea Urchin 23:20 25 Mar 2010

Has he downloaded PowerPoint Viewer 2007? If so then that should work with Vista.

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  swapper 23:09 01 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin, yes he has but it will still not run.
We are going to wait until he brings his laptop to visit when we will try and sort it, unless you have another idea please?

  Sea Urchin 23:54 01 Apr 2010

Just reading your question again - you say he has downloaded PowerPoint Viewer and it will not run. What type of file is he trying to "view" with it? It's not designed to open by itself, but is used to open files such as .pps and .ppt extensions.

  swapper 18:25 02 Apr 2010

Hello Sea Urchin,
It's a ms powerpoint slideshow, if that is any help?
I received it via email, opened it (I have ms office) and then forwarded it to my friend, and he downloaded the viewer.

  Sea Urchin 21:06 02 Apr 2010

Sorry - I've been away today. Yes, the slide-show should be .pps - presumably after downloading he ran the installation of the viewer? And again from your question it sounds as if he is trying to "open" the viewer first to look at the file - but he should just be opening the file, and it will find the viewer itself.

If that's what he is doing then what error message does he get?

  swapper 08:52 05 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin, my friend has just responded.
the message that he appears to get is "msvc80.dll not found - reinstall might be the answer" but we have tried uninstall/reinstall?

  Sea Urchin 12:12 05 Apr 2010

It seems to be to with Service Pack 2 (for Office 2007) not being installed. You need to uninstall the viewer (again) and then check and download/install Office Service Pack 2. Then reinstall the PowerPoint Viewer and all should be well.

This thread guides you

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  Sea Urchin 12:16 05 Apr 2010

In fact before trying all that you could try downloading/installing the Service Pack 2 for the PowerPoint Viewer - that may work on its own without any uninstalling

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  swapper 15:40 05 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin, Thank you very much, I will pass this on.


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