PowerPoint text wrap around picture

  hastelloy 08:58 11 Dec 2008

In Word a picture can be formatted so that text will wrap around it when it's moved. Is this possible in PowerPoint please?

  Fermat's Theorem 17:54 11 Dec 2008

I insert the picture, then I place a textbox over and extending beyond the picture on both left and right-hand sides and type my text. I then go to the beginning of the text and, using Tab and/or the Spacebar I shunt the text across until there is no text per se on the image. The text box expands to suit, and one ends up with the equivalent of textwrap.

It is only a workaround, but it does work for me.
Hope this helps :-)

  hastelloy 18:43 11 Dec 2008

That works but is a bit complicated for what I need. I need to show people how to place pictures in different positions on slides with text wrapped around them.They may need to change the position of the pictures as well. I had hoped there was a simple way to achieve this.

  Fermat's Theorem 20:10 11 Dec 2008

Seeing that PowerPoint doesn't really support text wrapping around images, would you consider putting the image into Word, wrapping the text around the image, taking a screenshot of the image with the wrapped text and then importing that screenshot into PowerPoint. It could then be moved to any position on the screen, complete with apparent textwrap.

It's only another workaround - basically, PowerPoint does not appear to support text wrapping in the efficient manner that Word does.

Hope this helps, or prompts some other suggestions :-)

  hastelloy 20:28 11 Dec 2008

I was afraid that might be the case.Your second solution sounds like a distinct possibility. If we keep the word files it would be easy to make changes to them and then putting the result into PP. Many thanks.

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