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  Gary Wood 12:04 09 Sep 2007

I am making a PowerPoint template which will be used by a number of people. I've set up a number of master slide layouts and each uses a specific corporate font.

Is there any way I can prevent users from being able to change the fonts used in the presentation?



  Marko797 12:13 09 Sep 2007

I think there is a way to protect the master slides. Not sure how exactly, but use the help section in Ppt. If it's 2007, u can however p/word protect too (making it read only), and you can also export to pdf.

  recap 12:26 09 Sep 2007

Open the presentation that you want to create a password for.
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Security tab.
Do the following:

To require a password for modifying a presentation, type a password in the Password to modify box, and then click OK.

  Taff™ 12:40 09 Sep 2007

Gary needs to remind us which version of Powerpoint he uses. I know from a previous thread that he works for a Charity with several regional offices. The templates need to be in a corporate image but the individual presentations will be created by others. Unfortunately, for this reason recap`s solution won`t work until the final presentation has been made.

I`m thinking about this one Gary!

  Gary Wood 12:56 09 Sep 2007

Thanks for your replies.

Taff™ is correct that I am trying to put together a template for a charity which I support. The template will be used by a number of different staff. It's not just a single presentation, in which case password protecting would have helped. Staff need to be able to customise the template with their own text/pictures for presentations they are giving.

I've set up a background with the logos etc on it and have customised the layouts of the slides. The charity uses a specific font and I'm aiming to ensure that, whilst individual staff can customise the PowerPoint template to make their own presentations, they can't edit it in ways which take it out of line with the charity's corporate identity standards.

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