Duncanf 23:20 19 Jun 2010

I transferred a Powerpoint programme via a memory stick to a laptop and can't get the programme to open on the laptop. My programme was made using my 2003 Powerpoint version on my PC and the laptop has a 2009 Powerpoint version. Should that pose a problem? Thanks in anticipation of help.

  Duncanf 23:47 19 Jun 2010

Should have searched in the previous forum questions first. My mistake. Found some interesting replies and suggestions.

  wiz-king 05:24 20 Jun 2010

As you have found Powerpoint versions don't always talk to one another!

  Duncanf 09:00 20 Jun 2010

You're absolutely right! Will keep trying.

  Atlantic Man 11:01 20 Jun 2010

yea be sure to save the project to the correct format- for example-
Word 2003 - format - .doc files and
Word 2008 - format - .docx files
which cannot be opened be 2003.

same concept

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