Powerpoint Music - How?

  fpg 22:59 11 Jul 2003

I am trying to add music from a CD to a presentation but it saves as WMA in Win Media.

Powerpoint wants a WAV file. How do you save from CD music in WAV format? I am using XP and Powerpoint 2000.

Do I need a conversion program?
Help appreciated.

  thegripper 23:45 11 Jul 2003

You need to "play" the CD and "record" it using a recorder - check out google for source. Once you have recorded the track, you should be able to edit it. The recorder will create the .wav file.

  y_not 05:27 12 Jul 2003

Paste this into the help files of media player "To copy tracks from an audio CD " and it explains how to do it - default format is .wav

  fpg 11:24 12 Jul 2003

Will follow through on TheGripper and Y_NOT (Is this Tony?) advice. So Win Media 9 tells how to convert CD to WAV - I missed this when I looked in Help.

Re Google - what is meant by going to source?

  bremner 11:32 12 Jul 2003

If you download dbpoweramp click here this will convert your wma to wav or mp3. Poweramp will accept mp3's which are of course much smaller in size than wav files.

  bremner 11:32 12 Jul 2003

I meant Powerpoint (not poweramp) will accept mp3

  fpg 12:06 12 Jul 2003

My WMP 9 will not default to WAV when copyong CD. I went to Tools/OPtions/File Types no mention of WAV. Also in "Copy Music" the settings are fixed into WMA. How can this be changed to WAV or MP3 ?

Bremner - thanks for new lead I will follow this too.

  thegripper 12:11 12 Jul 2003

I meant check Google.com for a source for a recorder.

  fpg 15:30 12 Jul 2003

Bremner's lead took me to a free download Audigrabber and this enabled a WAV file to be saved directly from a CD.

Thanks to all.

But still puzzled why my MS WMP 9 seems stuck in WMA format which is not compat with MS Powerpoint 2000. There must be a way with WMP 9

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