PowerPoint How to?

  xania 08:53 03 Sep 2008

I know I've done it before but I can't remember how. I have a single slide with a number of small graphics (company logos). I need them to appear on the slide one at a time flying in from different directions. Can anyone tell me how to do this, please?

  oldbeefer2 09:12 03 Sep 2008

'Slideshow', 'Custom Animation', click 'Add Effect' to each selected item on the slide. Good luck!

  Chris the Ancient 09:12 03 Sep 2008

Varies slightly dependent on the version of PowerPoint.

Basically, click on the graphic, then go to Slideshow/Custom animation and choose what you want to do with it.


  Chris the Ancient 09:13 03 Sep 2008


  Belatucadrus 09:15 03 Sep 2008

On Impress you right click the image and choose "Custom animation" then effect "Fly in" and set the order you want them to appear, presumably Powerpoint works in a similar way.

  oldbeefer2 10:14 03 Sep 2008

Makes a change for me to get in first!

  xania 13:38 03 Sep 2008

Thanks guys, but I have a problem. This is not quite what I remember, but I'll have a go with this if nothing better arises. I thine my version at the time was 1997 so it could well be that this is something lost in the annuls of time, but I remember a checkbox which you selected to bring one bullet at a time, or one icon at a time, and you could then get each to come from a differnt direction using <Fly In>

  xania 14:16 03 Sep 2008

I've got one step closer - using Office 2007. From Animations tab, Animations section, there is an 'Animate' option where you can select One-by- one. This will bring on each item in turn, but you cannot pause between the appearance of each item. It looks as if I'll have to generate a series of slides each with an additional item. Unless you guys know better. I'll leave this live a little longer, just in case.

  oldbeefer2 14:26 03 Sep 2008

With my 2003 version, I can choose 'mouse click' to bring the items in when I want. Might /should be a similar option, I would have thought.

  xania 23:20 03 Sep 2008

Tried that one, oldbeefer2, but it seems to bring in the entire slide - not just one element at a time.

  Fermat's Theorem 11:57 04 Sep 2008

Make sure that you have only one logo selected and then do everything that oldbeefer2 said re Animations Tab/Custom Animation/Add Effect, then choose your effect.

With the logo selected on the slide you will also see the logo name "picture1" (or whatever) in the highlighted in the task bar on the right hand side of your screen. And here's the trick - you will see a dropdown arrow as well. Click on it and choose "Timings" from the dropdown list. Among the options that will then be given to you is "Delay". You are now able to choose how much of a delay there will be before that element of your slide appears. So if you choose five seconds for that one you could choose, say, ten seconds for the next one when you repeat the process.

You must repeat the process for each of the elements you want to appear.

As someone said in another post the other day - it is easier to do than to say.

Any difficulties let me know :-)

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