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  frasernet 20:47 07 Dec 2003

can anyone advise me please. i am helping my daughter do a school project about the Tudors, and thought it'd be nice to have a powerpoint slideshow with 'greensleeves' playing over the top. i have downloaded greensleeves and added it to the slideshow. so far so good. however, when you save your powerpoint show, it does not 'embed' the music, it links it to a location on your computer. obviously i shall need to put the saved work onto a cd rom for her to take to school, so, if my 'D' drive is a slave hard drive, and my cd rom is my 'f' drive, how, when the work is played on a different computer will powerpoint locate the music. should i attempt to 'trick' powerpoint into locating 'd' as this will certainly be the schools cd rom, or is there an easier way?? hope you can follow this. many thanks in advance.

  leo49 21:07 07 Dec 2003

From Powerpoint XP Help files:

About packaging a presentation to run on another computer.

When you want to run a presentation on another computer, use the Pack and Go Wizard to put all the required files into one file and copy the file to a disk or network location. You then unpackage the file onto the destination computer or network and run the presentation.

When you package your presentation, you can include any linked files in the package, and if you use TrueType fonts you can embed them as well. Embedding fonts guarantees that the fonts will be available when you run the presentation on a different computer. (However, note that the wizard cannot include TrueType fonts that have built-in copyright restrictions.)

If you make changes to your presentation after you package it, just run the Pack and Go Wizard again to repackage it.

  frasernet 21:45 07 Dec 2003

excellant, cheers mate, you've been a great help.

  frasernet 21:45 07 Dec 2003

excellant, cheers mate, you've been a great help.

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