powerpoint 2003

  charlie 2 17:18 16 Nov 2011

Hi I am new to powerpoint and have tried to make a slide show but have these problems. When playing slide show it needs two clicks to change slide and blank slide is between slides. Also when copying animated object from web page and pasting in slide the object is there but does not animate. Can anyone help please (windows xp powerpoint 2003)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 16 Nov 2011

This is worth going through Intro to powerpoint 2003

  charlie 2 21:58 16 Nov 2011

Hi fruit bat Thanks for reply, I have looked at your suggestion and others similar but found nothing to help with the problems, I think I am doing the right thing but I must be missing something. The most embarrassing thing is the ten year old grandson wips through it in no time putting in dancing animals and figures from the internet (Heathers Animations)one after the other but when I do it I copy/past the figures ok but they do not move. Well my excuse is I am too old at 75 and not tort powerpoint.


  charlie 2 23:09 22 Nov 2011

Hi Problem solved must use Save As and save to folder and then Insert in Powerpoint and insert from folder


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