Powerline wireless network set up

  Brutus76 12:25 16 Aug 2013

Hi, I have a house with bad reception for wireless router so I bought a couple of cheap comtrend powerline adapters to connect to the main and a 2ndary router - for what i thought would be simple wireless connection to a couple of laptops and a stationary mac. I just plugged the 1st adapter to the phone line and router (and power), with 2nd adapter going to power and cable to router (and power to router). However, i can't get this to work and no clue why..The routers are standard (huawei 553 and d-link) and the powerline adaptors light up green for the ethernet connection so it should be some signals there?! I read that I may have to change some ip's though? Also, from reading msg-boards i am confused which is the access point and which is the end-point of these powerlines? Great if somebody can give me some pointers for how to set this up!! thanks!

  Secret-Squirrel 14:33 16 Aug 2013

" I just plugged the 1st adapter to the phone line and router (and power), with 2nd adapter going to power and cable to router (and power to router)."

The way you've connected the adapters is extremely unusual and probably completely wrong. But before we tackle that, post the model number(s) of the adapters you've bought.

  Brutus76 14:44 16 Aug 2013

Hi, thanks for helping! the adaptors are the older Comtrend 10pf. I have just 2 of them that I wanted to use for different part of house to create this wireless network etc..

  retep888™ 15:07 16 Aug 2013

<<so I bought a couple of cheap comtrend powerline adapters to connect to the main and a 2ndary router >>

Think your problem lies with the 2ndary router if it's an ADSL router, a wireless access point click here will be ok even a wireless router can suffice click here with the DHCP disabled.

click here to have a read for how to connect powerline adapters with access point.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:59 16 Aug 2013

"..........Comtrend 10pf"

If you mean they're DH-10PF models, then as you're hopefully already aware, they're not powerline wireless models.

From what I can gather, you're trying to use a second router purely as an access point to provide wireless in a different part of the house from your primary router where the Internet comes in. That's going to be a tad tricky and time-consuming for me to tackle unfortunately. However, in principle, if you can configure the 2nd router to access-point-only mode then it should work. Lastly, powerline adapters shouldn't be connected to a phone-line! Here's the user manual for yours if you don't already have a copy.

Although it's too late now, this powerline wireless kit would be so much easier to setup.

  100andthirty 07:41 17 Aug 2013

The following has worked for me, but requires fiddling with the secondary router settings.

Connect the first powerline module to your main router - into one of the ethernet sockets. if you have no spare ethernet sockets, there'll be a major problem. Plug in the second powerline module to a convenient power socket where you want it to connect toyour secondary router. Connect a computer to this second powerline socket with an ethernet cable to check that the powerline network is operating and that you can connect to the internet.

Then you have to set up the secondary router and turn it into a wireless access point.

Connect the secondary router to a computer with an ethernet cable. open a browser and navigate to the router's home page. I don't know the make or model so can't say whether the following is possible, but from the home page you need to do just two things: first is to turn off DHCP so that the two routers aren't fightinh over the issue of network addresses, and the second is to change the secondary router's home page address to something that a) outside the primary router's DHCP range and b) different from the primary router's home page. Then you can connect the secondary router to the second powerline plug via an ethernet socket/cable and you should be able to connect to it wirelessly.

If all this is not understandable, as secret-squirrel has siad, you might be better off with a dedicated powerline/wireless kit.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:31 17 Aug 2013

Thanks for taking the time to reply 100andthirty.

Both routers appear to have a default IP address so the second router needs to have its one changed to an address on the same subnet - would hopefully be satisfactory.

  100andthirty 11:51 17 Aug 2013

Somewhere in the router's set up, it would tell you what the DHCP range is. Provided you're outside that, you will be OK. the address you suggested is usually OK. good luck.

  100andthirty 11:53 17 Aug 2013

Sorry, secret-squirrel, I thought I was replying to the OP!

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