Powerline networks

  inneedofhelp 22:21 28 Aug 2005

Hi all,
I am going to install a network for my girlfriends parents and need some advice. Usually, as I did with my own house, I would go the wireless route, however, the parents house is too large to cover with wireless (Old house, very thick walls, 3 floors, etc) so this isnt an option. Nor is cables, as they dont want the unsighty mess of them, so I have been looking at powerline.

Does anyone out there have this is place, if so can you answer these.

Am i right in saying that the phone socket with the broadband connection connects to an adsl router, I then plug a powerline adaptor to one of the ports on the back, and this then distrubutes the broadband around the house via the mains. Then all i need to do is plug in an adaptor somewhere in the house, plug this into my pc/laptop ethernet port, and bobs your uncle.

Please, and advice, warnings, tips and hints would be usefull.Espec advice on make and models of gear to use.

  inneedofhelp 15:16 29 Aug 2005

any ideas anyone

  igk 15:47 30 Aug 2005

Google search here:
click here
Hope this helps...

  BigMoFoT 15:58 30 Aug 2005

MIMO wireless networking?

A little more expensive for the hardware but very much improved - apparently..

click here

  Aspman 16:57 30 Aug 2005

I've heard of powercable LANs but never seen them in practice. I would suspect that with teh price of wireless dropping and it being almost standard fitment in laptops that powercable networking might die off.

I understand the benefits of the tech but I would recommend you stick with good wireless gear. Tt's more likely to be futureproof that a niche product like powerline.

  inneedofhelp 17:38 31 Aug 2005

i would go wireless, as i am very comfortable with that, but this house has 5 floors, was built over 100yrs ago, so the walls and floors are VERY thick, therefore i seriosly doubt wireless would work

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