Powerline Adaptors for fibre broadband

  adpegg01 20:47 23 Oct 2014

I am thinking of using Powerline Adaptors so that I can stream content to my TV and get a much faster signal to computers upstairs. The entry point for the fibre broadband is really inconvenient and the wireless router not good! The sites I have looked at say that Powerline Adaptors only work on the same electrical circuit. I want to put a Powerline Adaptor in the lounge to stream TV but this is not on the same circuit breaker in the consumer unit as the socket near the fibre entry point. Am I right in thinking that this means I cannot use Powerline adaptors between these 2 points? If so has anyone got any suggestions for a solution?

  lotvic 22:49 23 Oct 2014

Mine work ok (mains cables, lounge and bedroom wired to different fuses in consumer box).

  onthelimit1 08:40 24 Oct 2014

As long as they are connected to the same consumer unit, they will work OK.

  alanrwood 09:57 24 Oct 2014

Just to temper the situation, mine didn't work on different ring mains but that was a couple of years ago so maybe they have improved since then

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