Powering up a mobo

  WhiteTruckMan 21:28 17 Jul 2006

I seem to have inherited a motley collection of assorted motherboards of unknown condition. I am loathe to simply bin them so I'm looking for a quick test to see if they are stuffed. would I be right in saying that if I just plugged a psu into a bare board then short the power pins for the case switch it should -if the board is healthy-at least power up the psu?I know it wouldnt be a guarantee that its ok, but a test for faulty? I really dont want to go to the hassle of keep assembling a minimum system.


  skidzy 21:38 17 Jul 2006

This is going to be a bit cheeky WhiteTruckMan,il test a socket 478 mobo for you Lol,i have a dead system here and really want to get it up and running and i have been advised the mobo is dead as everything else has been replaced.

So if you have a spare kicking round,let me know LOl ha ha

I know !!!! cheeky git :-)

Regarding your question of shorting out the pins on the power supply,Fruitbat advised me of this trick...sadly i had no joy with that either,even with a new psu.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:46 17 Jul 2006

LOL! so far they are all socket 462's. One actually powered up for about 30 seconds then fainted in my lap. I discovered a scorched and (very) hot spot underneath. still, I probably am accumulating a collection of mid-range cpu's that (probably) work. If I bin the boards I will save the cpus and laboriously put them in a working machine and test them that way. in themean time, any more ideas on the boards?


  skidzy 22:19 17 Jul 2006

click here
click here

These may help WTM,but i reckon you already seen these.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:46 17 Jul 2006

and stuff that I am familiar with, even though I hadnt seen those particular links (thanks, btw) but they are more to do with testing psu's, whereas the psu I am using for testing is a known good 'un


  skidzy 23:06 17 Jul 2006

faulty motherboard both are impossible to check without either expensive equipment

Taken from: click here

Fruit Bat /\0/

Thu, 29/06/[email protected]:32

Hope this helps WTM

Have fun testing,at least you got a start with a decent PSU.

Good luck

  WhiteTruckMan 00:01 18 Jul 2006

I havemanaged to rescue some good stuff. Fans never go out of style, and got a couple of good psu's as well. even got s cool looking case to transplant one of the kids machines into. plus assorted ribbon cables, screws etc. even when a board is pronounced dead, it gets stripped of jumpers before binning, as they are something that always flies out of my fingernails as they are swapped on drives. In fact I even have a bios battery in my cars remote 'blipper'.

And before anyone asks-yes,I AM cheap!


  skidzy 00:10 18 Jul 2006

Your not cheap Mate (creep creep)

Im sure you got a 478 socket there somewhere WTM Lol
......... :-o

Good luck mate

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