PowerDVD TV Out Error

  Boffin Boy 22:12 22 Aug 2004

I have recently got a new LG 16x DVD Player, It came with a copy of PowerDVD XP. I installed the software and then tried to use it but when i did PowerDVD threw up the following error: 'Error Code: F4D41436' 'TheTV Out port of your display card is not working properly.' After clicking 'Detailed' it adds 'This copy protected disk can not be played when the TV out function is enabled.' I am running Win98se and using a SiS 530 Display Card.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

  Mikè 22:21 22 Aug 2004

You don't say whether you are using the tv out facility.

  Boffin Boy 22:33 22 Aug 2004

No, I am not using the tv out facility.

  Boffin Boy 23:24 23 Aug 2004

Come on everybody

  Kinetic 01:58 24 Aug 2004

Had the same error with Power DVD. Win DVD reported my colour depth was wrong. Cured the problem by pushing the graphics accelerator up to max. Power DVD and Win DVD both worked after this.

  Stuartli 10:10 24 Aug 2004

I sorted out a similar problem for a pal who had updated PowerDVD3 to version 5; he had a Creative Banshee graphics card and I eventually, after much ferreting, found out that it needed a very specific updated driver.

He wasn't using TV Out either, only the monitor to view manufacturers' stock lists for his retail outlet.

However, finding a source for this driver proved a nightmare for some strange reason - in the end, I found a download source on a Mexican university's website, the driver having been recognised only by its file name.

Fortunately it cured the problem and the error message finally disappeared.

So an updated graphics card driver might well cure your problem, especially as Windows98SE is involved in both cases.

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