Powercuts and Netgear wireless

  Helenasks 15:00 23 Apr 2006

I have atoshiba laptop and netgear router (DG834GT/GTB). I have been using wireless with no problems until now. I don't know if the fact that we had a number of power shorts/cuts last nigth when my daughter was using this on her laptop has something to do with it.
I have been unable to establish a connection and the computer connectivity lights do not come on - the power and ADSL link do.

I can connect through BT Broadband ethernet so it's not my laptop.

Have tried re connecting but no joy.

Any ideas?


  Helenasks 15:02 23 Apr 2006

Sorry also have a connection to a wireless calles linksys. This tells me I am connected but I cannot get to the internet. No idea what this is....

  mgmcc 15:14 23 Apr 2006

Have you checked that the settings in the router are still correct? The power problems might have altered these so that wireless is disabled, the SSID isn't being broadcast, the encryption (WEP or WPA) has become corrupt etc.

It might be necessary to "reset" the router back to factory default settings and configure it again from scratch :-(

<<< also have a connection to a wireless calles linksys. This tells me I am connected but I cannot get to the internet. No idea what this is... >>>

Your Wireless Network adapter in the PC is picking up a wireless network from a neighbour, who is using a Linksys router and without changing the router's default SSID.

  Helenasks 15:42 23 Apr 2006

How do I reset the router? You're dealing with a pc illiterate now.....

  ade.h 15:49 23 Apr 2006

Routers can be very susceptible to damage inflicted by cuts and surges. Both the router's power brick and the modem cable should at the very least be plugged into a surge protector. But ideally, you should route them both through your Uninterruptable Power Supply. Don't have a UPS? Get one. Power cuts can kill hard-disks.

  Helenasks 16:56 24 Apr 2006

I did have a surge protector connected. Also reset using button at back and although the port lights show some life on pc startup still no connectivity to pc. Any more ideas?

  mgmcc 09:07 25 Apr 2006

<<< How do I reset the router? >>>

I don't have a Netgear router, but often the button at the back performs two functions. Pressing it briefly will "soft" reset the router which is just rebooting it. Holding it in for several seconds (check the manual for exact details) will normally "hard" reset it so that it reverts to the "out-of-the-box" factory default settings. It then has to be set up again from scratch.

  Helenasks 10:08 25 Apr 2006

Have checked everything except the network cable which may have gone. What do any of you think?

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