Power Switch/Button For PC

  Tricky 3003 22:40 23 Sep 2005

So every time I boot up I have to short the power pins on my mobo for my gig pc. As it is built into my flightcase.

Now what I would like to know from some very kind gentleman, is where can I buy a little on/off push switch like on the front of most cases.

Any ideas?


  PC Bilbo 22:59 23 Sep 2005

For this type of requirement try Maplin Electronics (click here)

  Tricky 3003 23:03 23 Sep 2005

I have tried but couldn't find anything in maplin!!

  woodchip 23:25 23 Sep 2005

A Door bell push will do the job

  Arnie 23:32 23 Sep 2005

This should do the trick.

Push to Make Switch. Choice of three colours. £1.69.

click here

  Tricky 3003 02:12 24 Sep 2005

How would I wire it? Solid 4 wires to the one push switch terminal and then the 4 wires to my mobo power and switch (i think it anyway)???

  woodchip 08:35 24 Sep 2005

Any bell push works as the other one push to make. you only have two wire's it can go to ether of the pins you short out

  Arnie 12:17 24 Sep 2005

If you look in your motherboard manual you should see two pins marked PS or Power Switch. These are the connections that support the computer’s on/off function.
They are temporarily shorted for about 50mS.
As woodchip suggested, any simple push button will suffice such as a bell push type, although the Maplin one is more elegant and should have higher quality contacts.

If you have four wires joined together, the other two are probably the Reset switch. (Often marked RST SW.

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