power surge,blue screen, help?

  badgery 10:54 05 Jan 2007

New Years eve, power cut, loud bang, blackened telephone sockets.
Computer will not boot up, when Windows preliminary screen appears the moving 'bar', under the Windows logo, stutters as it moves across, then a page appears which says disc check is being done, then blue screen appears.
Followed some instructions for fixing 'blue screen' errors to use CHKDSC by inserting Windows XP disc, and selecting R to go to Recovery console. Selected System 1 at prompt, but then it went on to ask for Administrator password. I have never used or entered any such password and the Acer booklet which came with the machine says the default password is blank - but when I just press Enter at the password prompt it says "Invalid Password", so I can go no further.
Another avenue suggested to me was to remove a small battery on the motherboard, to reset CMOS??(Got lost at this stage!) I see a small cylinder containing a battery but cannot see how to remove it (there seems to be a connector with two wires coming from two pins at the side of it - does this make any sense??).
Any help or suggestions? You will gather I am not much beyond novice, so as simple as possible, please!!
But thanks to anyone who might be able to help, I'm one desperate man!!

  Air_Man 11:13 05 Jan 2007

Sounds bad badgery. However, to get over the password request, you could try to reset the CMOS by changing the relevant jumper on your motherboard (it will be a couple of vertical "pins" that you have to place a small plastic "jumper" over and then remove). Do you have the motherboard manual by any chance as this should have a diagram which shows the position of this jumper (if present).

When this is done, it should clear the CMOS in the same way as removing the battery. Your description of the battery also sound unusual (to me). Most motherboard batteries I have seen are the large, coin-like, watch-style batteries (about the size of a 10 pence coin, but as thick as a 1 pound coin, and silver). It's usually just a case of carefully prising it out of its holder with a fingernail.

However, I'm not sure if reseting the CMOS would help with the password issue.

Any more knowledgable forum contibutors any better advice?

  badgery 11:22 05 Jan 2007

Yipes, I may have been looking at the wrong thing altogether. I will go back and look again.
The password business was seperate from the CMOS battery, but it was suggested to me that if CMOS was reset then the 'normal' restart might happen (yes I realise I'm probably dreaming!). Thanks though.
The computer is about 4 years old, so it might be time to replace anyway - but I would like to hope I can restore before attempting to change.

  Air_Man 16:31 05 Jan 2007

One other thing to mention is that one of the main PC mags (not sure if its PCA or not - I've got so many of the things around the place) is running an article on how to revive a dead PC. Might be worth having a look at.. Oh found it, its [whisper... PC Pro Jan 2007 edition].

Hope this helps.

  badgery 17:48 05 Jan 2007

Thanks, will try to get a copy - meantime I have a friend 'in the business' who is going to have a look at the problem for me.
Still not hopeful though.

  badgery 15:24 08 Jan 2007

Got the machine working again,( appears that the 'firewire ' card was causing the problem). Now trying to reinstall from Acronis - but not succeeded yet, maybe there are still bugs in there!

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