power surge disaster

  Amber59 15:55 26 Feb 2004

My PC suffered a power surge (while temporarily unplugged from the surge protector). When I boot up the screen only displays the message Signal Error fH 0.0kHz fV 0.0Hz and then goes blank. I have checked obvious connections and sockets etc. but I am at a loss. Does anyone know what this refers to?

  gatortail 16:34 26 Feb 2004

This is a guess, coming from a similar situation where I could get nothing on my monitor after a power surge, and the way tech support had me handle it successfully (can't hurt to try it).

Unplug the monitor from the wall and the computer. Push in the monitor ON button and hold it in for a full sixty seconds. Then hook it back up and hopefully it will work again as mine did. I was told that the monitor needed to be de-electrified following the surge. Good luck.

  skeletal 17:36 26 Feb 2004

gatortail, your story is incredible...was it Uri Geller that suggested this??!! LOL! Mind you, if you did it and it worked, good luck to you!

Amber59, try anything; but the explanation "de-electrify" taken at face value is meaningless...I wonder what they really meant.

Also, just what do you mean by a "power surge"? I assume you mean that the 240V supply at your house suddenly went up lots for a short time (a spike), or perhaps there was a temporary power loss (brown-out).

A big spike can wreck circuits, and if that's happened, your monitor and/or computer may be scrap (maybe claim off the power company?). A brown-out can/will cause the computer to crash, but is unlikely to physically damage anything.

The error message is suggesting (I think) that there is no video signal; i.e. the video card/computer/connection/monitor could be broken.

Try the strange gatortail solution (I will be really interested if it works, and even more interested in the real explanation anyone!); but if you have no luck, I would try (if you can) the monitor on another computer/the computer on another monitor.


  Valvegrid 17:43 26 Feb 2004

Degauss maybe? But holding the button in for sixty seconds with the monitor off, hmmmm... interesting.

  Amber59 15:01 27 Feb 2004

I have tried your ingenious monitor suggestion, gatortail, and no luck! I also tried the monitor on another PC and its working fine. I wonder if anyone at all could tell what the error signal (fH 0.0 kHz, fV 0.0 Hz) means or refers to, or could suggest where I might look to find out? Thanks for your ideas so far!

  slimbo51 15:18 27 Feb 2004

The error maeesage just means no horz or vertical signal being recieved.

If this message is showing on monitor, unlikly monitor is blown.

Lokk to either video cable or Graphics card for fault.

  Diemmess 15:27 27 Feb 2004

Agree that the monitor is almost certainly OK and is merely reporting the absence of any data from the computer.

QED either the video circuits are damaged, disconnected or dead, or stating the obvious........ the computer is making all the right pattern of background noises and lights isn't it?....... If it isn't doing that, then you have to check all through the PSU, motherboard/CPU and so on guessing that the PSU amy be the one.

  Amber59 15:51 27 Feb 2004

Thank you all for your help

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