Power Surge

  DwayneDibbley 21:48 19 Oct 2004

Have just built a new PC, and have following problem;

When I switch on power at mains (or PU), I get a short 1-2 second power surge through my PC, before I press the main power button on the front of the PC (all fans, lights etc come on). Not sure what this is, but it cant be that healthy!

Have an Antec TrueBlue 480W PU and motherboard is Intel D875PBZ.

Any ideas?

  Noelg23 22:06 19 Oct 2004

how about buying a surge protection socket? click here

  wee eddie 22:22 19 Oct 2004

The On/Off switch should be between the Source of the Power and the Power Supply.

Otherwise the PSU would be permanently live.

  DwayneDibbley 20:54 20 Oct 2004

Have my PC plugged into a surge protection socket, but still same problem.

wee eddie - how do you mean? I have 'Wavemaster' coolermaster case, from which I have just plugged the on/off button to the appropriate pins on the motherboard. I kind of assumed that this would do the job.

Does the motherboard need ang kind of grounding?

  DwayneDibbley 19:08 21 Oct 2004

I just got told at overclockers today that this is normal.

Does this sound right, or am I being fobbed off?

  wee eddie 19:20 21 Oct 2004

I think that we are probably talking about different levels of surge.

How are you measuring this surge?

  Spark6 20:37 21 Oct 2004

Normally, when power is supplied to a computer, a reduced voltage is supplied from the PSU to the computer power switch. Until this switch is closed no fans are running and no power light is on the comp.

Ask your components supplier for an explanation of the unusual behaviour of your new-build.

Good luck

  DwayneDibbley 20:56 21 Oct 2004

I'm not actually measuring the surge - just fans, lights etc come on, as if the PC is about to boot up. Then stops and powers down after 1-2 secs.

PC will then sit there as normal until power switch on front of PC is pressed, then boots up as normal, no problems.

I was just concerned I am doing some damage to PC with initial power burst, as have never seen this behaviour before.

  Graham ® 21:16 21 Oct 2004

I would suspect the motherboard connections. These days, the power switch is not an on/off switch, as in a light switch. It rather sends a signal to the motherboard to 'turn things on'. In your case, the connection of power to the PSU is triggering the motherboard to momentarily start this process.

It is not a power surge as such. I would consult the motherboard manual.

  Spark6 23:23 21 Oct 2004

Graham ® is correct, the power switch is comparable to a bell push, and therefore enables the supplies to the motherboard.

Anything that overrides this initial function is suspect, double check your manual, and, if you're still in doubt, go back to your supplier.

  DwayneDibbley 22:09 22 Oct 2004

Spoke to Intel today, and apparentley this is normal for their boards - something to do with initial standby state when PSU is switched on.

Thanks all anyway - help much appreciated.

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