Power Supply/Graphics card

  sneakerman 10:55 25 Sep 2004

I just bought a new graphics card and power supply and have an unusual problem

Installed new power supply, no picture on monitor, tried different monitor - no picture, monitors appear to be in 'standby' mode.
Installed new graphics card (fan on card is spinning) - no picture on either monitor.

I am going to go back to original power supply now, but anyone any ideas???


  JonnyTub 11:16 25 Sep 2004

duff graphics card ? not enough power (wattage getting to your graphics card)? could be anything without knowing the actual parts involved.

  SEASHANTY 11:58 25 Sep 2004

Seems as if something is wrong with this new PSU if it will not work with either the original or the new
graphics cards. You have to remove the drivers for
the old card before the new one will work properly.
It doesn't always work out as planned either. There are postings on several forums stating it is best to
download the latest drivers from the manufacturers website rather than relying on the CDROM drivers which came with the card.

  sneakerman 12:53 25 Sep 2004

Old PSU put back and eveything is fine, with both graphics cards.
Now how can the new (550w) PSU be supplying power to the graphics card (fan is spinning) but yet it doesn't display a picture?

  Graham ® 13:42 25 Sep 2004

Maybe one of the three voltages is missing.

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