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  iarno 14:19 05 Feb 2010

I have a dell dimension 5150C and I need a new PSU. Can anyone tell me of a UK stockist that has these in stock please. I've googled this and all the UK stockists I have found are out of stock.
Thanks in advance.


  peugeot man 15:19 05 Feb 2010

Try your local independent computer shop, you may pay a few pounds more but you will also get free advice.

My son did this a few weeks ago, he took in the faulty PSU from a Emachines PC and bought a standard PSU for about £30.

This may not help you but here is the link to give you some idea
click here

  oldbeefer2 15:19 05 Feb 2010
  I am Spartacus 15:24 05 Feb 2010

There's also this click here which has the right part number but the shape doesn't look correct.

  iarno 20:42 05 Feb 2010

peugeot man.
I may well have to try a local pc shop. your link is interesting but nothing like what i need. but thanks for the suggestion.

Have looked at that site. they have it on their list but out of stock. The 5150 is not the same as the 5150C Thanks also.

I am Spartacus.
You are right its the wrong shape that is for the 5150. the part number for the 5150C is WD861 according to my old one and its shape is oblong.
thanks to you also.

I'll leave this open for a while see what other ideas come along.


  iarno 23:59 08 Feb 2010

so far I've had no luck but will tick as resolved. But I will keep looking.


  markcomp 15:34 07 Dec 2010

I am building a new PC for my son and thought I had just about cracked all the important info about PSUs / energy saving / connectors / active pfc and then when i couldn't find one at a decent price where I am currently living (Hungary) I looked on ebuyer only to come across this term.
Does this mean they won't work properly over here - everything else does - its 220 volts here like the rest of europe vs uk s 240?? Is this the problem???

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