Power supply for a tft monitor

  paradiddle1984 15:06 03 Nov 2003

Where can I get a 12volt, 2amp dc adaptor for my tft monitor?

It is a compaq 1501 15" tft.

I bought it used and I didnt get one with it!!!!

Im using a keyboard dc adaptor at the mo and it keeps overheating and switiching itself off, so obviously i need a new adaptor

  Jack D 15:11 03 Nov 2003

If you can't find one, you could use a 12v car battery charger that should give you sufficient Amperage.

  paradiddle1984 15:12 03 Nov 2003

This keyboard adaptor that I am using has a 3amp fuse in it, now the input requirements state i need a 2amp input. Should I change the fyuse to a 2amp? Could the present 3amp fuse be causing the adaptor to keep switching itself off?

  Jack D 15:18 03 Nov 2003

Changing the fuse to a lower rated one will not help, it may just blow. Sounds like the TFT is drawing more power than the adapter is designed to supply. Look at the Type plate on it and see what Amp rating it is designed to deliver, I doubt that it is anything like 2 Amps if it is for a keyboard.

  paradiddle1984 15:21 03 Nov 2003

it sez on the power supply

Input: 240V - 50HZ

500mA Regulated

Ia that milliamps or somat?

also, im running at 60hz which probly doesnt help

  paradiddle1984 15:21 03 Nov 2003

So, anyone actually kno where i can get the correct adaptor from then?

  Jack D 15:24 03 Nov 2003

There's your reason for overheating, it is designed to supply HALF an Amp.

  greenlamp 15:50 03 Nov 2003

Try Maplin, click here , they have a good selection of regulated power supplies.

I'm not sure I would attach a car battery charger to anything electronic, not without some form of regulator anyway.

  Meshuga 19:29 03 Nov 2003

You could use a charger for a Mountfield Empress motor mower part number MX650. This is rated @ 12v
5amp output and should be obtainable at around
?12 to ?16 from a good mower retailer. You will probably have to change the connection plug to connect to the pc. I have one in front of me at the moment so i know it works. Email me if you wish for any info. Meshuga.

  graham√ 19:50 03 Nov 2003

Can we take it that if your power supply is 60Hz, that you are not in the UK? The difference will not matter, but recommending a supplier will!

  Jack D 19:57 03 Nov 2003

I kinda took it that he was talking about the refresh rate being 6oHz.

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