Power supply query

  ex-wirecutter 12:58 21 Oct 2008

I am trying to mend a friends PC which has a burned out PSU , however on close examination the apparently standard ATX 20 pin connector has in fact got 22 wires connected to it , i.e. two are doubled up . I have tried a standard ATX psu but it wont even start the fans , and my local PC shop says they have not got any exact replacements . Is this an oddball psu or can they be obtained ?

  MAT ALAN 13:20 21 Oct 2008

click here

ATX is ATX is ATX as far as i know so i would suggest that there is more than just a blown PSU issue, could have blown MOBO as well....

  ex-wirecutter 13:35 21 Oct 2008

Thanks MAT ALAN I am not sure about this as I have several ATX psu's from old PCs and some only have 19 wires , some have 21 , but they all work the MOBO's they are connected to. Perhaps there have been revisions over the years .

  MAT ALAN 15:12 21 Oct 2008

but they all work the MOBO's they are connected to...

BUT do they work the mobo in the tower of the blown PSU...

  ex-wirecutter 18:43 21 Oct 2008

No , as I mentioned , when I tried a standard ATX psu not even the fan in the psu started.Thanks for the "click here" it does say that there is an ATX -2 version which must be the latest and I bet thats the one I need.

  MAT ALAN 20:00 21 Oct 2008

Doubtful ATX-2 is a 24 pin connection your original only had 20..

  MAT ALAN 20:02 21 Oct 2008

when I tried a standard ATX psu not even the fan in the psu started.

OOOPS!! just read that bit, that would suggest no power from source, fuse in power cable or the likes..

  ex-wirecutter 13:54 22 Oct 2008

I used the same power supply cable as when I transferred ATX psu from working PC's . I am sure the extra two wires are some sort of signal trigger to kickstart the power supply, they are only thin and coloured pink and brown and as I say they are doubled up with the normal red and orange on standard ATX units .

  MAT ALAN 19:03 22 Oct 2008

MOBO is dead then....

  ex-wirecutter 16:01 23 Oct 2008

Thanks for your suggestions and staying with me on this. I'm not giving up on this yet , I will have a look round some computer junk fairs to see if I can find a psu with a 20 pin plug with 22 wires connected , the parts suppliers I have been to all say they have never seen one before when I show them the burnt out unit .

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