Power Supply Query

  JayDay 14:12 10 Nov 2004

This is an update to my previous queries.

I am trying to replace a PSU in a Compaq Desktop Presario 5030. The Current PSU is a Mitac MPU-110REFP (Compaq Part 319235-001).

I have tried installing a Bog Standard PSU but have encountered the following problem.

It fits, and the holes line up. However the power supply from the PSU to the motherboard seems a bit strange. The new PSU has a single ATX connection, however the Compaq motherboard has two separate sets of pins for the power!

One set consists of 3 x black, and 3 x orange wires.
The 2nd set consists of 2 x red, 1 x green, 4 x black, 1 x blue, 1 x yellow, 1 x purple, and 1x grey wires.

For a picture of the motherboard connections
click here

  [DELETED] 14:20 10 Nov 2004

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but are you sure the mobo is ATX, and not an earlier version, I think it was called AX or something like that, if so you will need to source the correct PSU.

  JayDay 14:40 10 Nov 2004

You maybe right. I haven't heard of the AX. I remember AT, but I didn't think that had two connectors but I could be wrong. It's a long time since I've seen an AT mobo.

  Microdot 17:03 10 Nov 2004

1. AT MBs had Mains going to the on/of switch on front of PC. case

2. Most early ATX MBs have a single connection from PSU to the board.

3. Later ATX MBs have two connectors from PSU to MB ( eg.MSI board socket "A" for AMD 3000)

Cheers de Art.

  Microdot 17:11 10 Nov 2004

Sorry JayDay I forgot the best bit!

4. 3 above requires latest type of ATX PSU
with the required 2 MB connectors

Cheers de Art.

  JayDay 18:06 10 Nov 2004

Still none the wiser. The mobo I am looking at is 6 yeras old so it won't be 3. and it doesn't seem to fit 1 or 2 either. Have you looked at the picture?

  dan 11 18:16 10 Nov 2004

I have had a look at your photograph and the indicated slot looks like an ISA slot to me. These preceded PCI slots for communication cards. Are you sure this is where the power was fed in?

  dan 11 18:28 10 Nov 2004

Is this the one? click here

It does have an ISA slot and the power rating is steady state 110 watts. If it is then it is quiet an old machine and probably needs an AT power supply. Can you take a full view picture of the motherboard and post it?

  JayDay 18:37 10 Nov 2004

The picture looks different in differnet browsers. The two power connectors are above the ISA slot. You can see the cables coming into them.

  JayDay 18:46 10 Nov 2004

This is the PC. But I can't find it mentioned anywhere if it is AT or ATX.

I have edited the picture and circled the connectors in red.

  woodchip 18:47 10 Nov 2004

Just read your first post the Original power supply that you have is a AT type the one you got is ATX they are not compatible you need a AT power Supply. You will more than likely have to get one from a Computer Fair as they are out of date

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