Power supply problem

  JaymehSykes 09:32 11 Feb 2010

I have had my custom rig for around a year now with an atrix extreme power supply (650w). I decided to go out and buy another nvidia BFG 9600gt graphics card since I wanted to use SLI. My only problem is that my power supply only has 1 6 pin peg connector and I will need 2. Does this mean that I would need to go out and buy a new power supply or is there an adapter or something that I can use?


  sunnystaines 09:36 11 Feb 2010

try your local maplins store they may have a connector they are very good with PSU attachments.

or online

click here

  GaT7 10:20 11 Feb 2010

I just had a look at a review of your PSU & it has two +12V rails with only 14A & 15A on them - click here, page 3.

I don't think your PSU is capable of running 2x 9600GT cards & an adapter/converter as suggested by sunnystaines is not recommended. On the other hand, I could be wrong but I wouldn't chance it. If it was a quality PSU, then perhaps yes.

My suggestions would be:

This Be Quiet 530W PSU click here / click here, which has 2x dedicated +12V rails, each with 22A.

Or, this Enermax 425W PSU click here / click here, which also has the requisite 2x 6pin PCI-E connectors & enough on the +12V rails.

As you can see from the above couple of quality PSUs, it's not all about high wattage. G

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