Power Supply or Worse?

  Steve Mat 13:33 12 Jun 2010

Went for lunch yesterday and when I came back to my PC it was off (running for 6 hours as usual). Tried to reboot but it would not start. checked power chord, switched it off at back, then turned back on and it rebooted so far and then cut out again. Switched it off again and back on at the back and this time it rebooted ok and ran ok for at least another 8 hours.

This morning I booted up and as I went to log on it cut out again and will not power up at all.

I've had it apart and there is no obvious damage or loose connections.

When I turn it on at the back, the power supply fan initially spins and then stops, which I believe happens normally but then nothing.

So far I have found 4V on the motherboard connector.

What's your opinion?


  northumbria61 13:52 12 Jun 2010

I think it is your PSU - try blowing the dust out first - the fan may just need a good clean.

  northumbria61 15:06 12 Jun 2010

The cooling fan(s) on most desktops do run continuously. It is unusual for a fan to start and stop unless that model runs a fan with a thermostat.

There should be one on the cpu (always on for sure)... one that exits the hot air inside the case (always on) and fans in the power supply (also always on).

  Steve Mat 16:54 13 Jun 2010

It was the power supply. Took the one out of my son's and tried that and everything worked ok.

Now replaced.


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