Power Supply or Mobo fault

  Switcher 17:33 13 Oct 2008

I'm looking at a friends m/c P4 2.8. With the HDD connected the post screen does not appear, With the HDD disconnected it does appear and will boot to ERD Commander or a boot floppy. the voltage is 4.83V The HDD runs OK as a slave on my P4 3.00 where the voltage is 5.19V Can anyone tell me if 4.83V is too low to run the HDD. Same effect with different HDDs connected. Could it be a MOBO fault

  Rahere 17:39 13 Oct 2008

What rating in watts is your power supply.

These should provide 3.3 5v and 12v - I suspect that the drive is sensitive to low voltages

  Switcher 17:50 13 Oct 2008

It is a 350 watt unit and I have disconnected all the other power supplies to DVD etc to lighten load.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 13 Oct 2008

Could of course be the faulty drive dragging it down as it will boot with cd drive added (ERD commander)

Mobo looks ok

  Switcher 18:48 13 Oct 2008

Have tried it with three different drives. I suppose I will have to get a move on and substitute my own PSU to see if that cures it.

  woodchip 18:48 13 Oct 2008

I would say first a Faulty Corrupt Drive

  Switcher 19:40 13 Oct 2008

have tried three drives to no avail. Have now changed PSU no joy ! Will still post with no hdd present but not with any hard drive present.

  X™ 20:11 13 Oct 2008

Faulty ribon cable? Try a new one. If it works then good, but if not, try plugging the hard drive into the IDE2 slot, if it boots, either cable or that slot is faulty..

  Switcher 20:17 13 Oct 2008

Thanks but have tried different IDE cable plus both IDE slots, also substituted memory. Beginning to look like mobo fault. Just need to change MOBO and CPU and will be like old brush with new head nd new shaft

  Switcher 23:16 28 Oct 2008

Solved by fitting nrw Mobo after exhaustive tests

  woodchip 12:28 29 Oct 2008

If it does not work with the Hard Drive, it must ether be corrupt boot sector or drive is shot. you cannot fit and run another Hard Drive from another PC. its not setup for it. You would need to clear the Drive and reload windows

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