[DELETED] 19:03 31 Dec 2003

i've got the qtec gold 550w psu , do you think that relacing the internal fans with silent ones would be cheaper than buying a silent psu.

  Big Elf 19:12 31 Dec 2003

Would you please take out life insurance and name me as the beneficiary:0)

I've read threads stating that the thingies (capacitors?) inside the PSU can hold enough charge to do serious damage to humans. It's probably safer to buy a new PSU.

  woodchip 19:25 31 Dec 2003

Sometimes the transformer it's self also makes noise, not just fan but you could try it

  [DELETED] 19:54 31 Dec 2003


i was going to turn it off first lol

i've already replaced one of em but the fan is a bit noisier than the one that died so i know it can be done.

and if it was dangerous to take em apart why do they put scews in the thing , cos you know somebody is gonna take it apart "TO SEE HOW IT WORKS"

  [DELETED] 19:54 31 Dec 2003

Big Elf's right capacitors CAN KILL us humans. if you intend doing this be extreemly careful where you poke your fingers / screwdrivers

  [DELETED] 19:57 31 Dec 2003

a charged capacitor can kill, even when they have been unplugged from the mains supply for some days

  Big Elf 19:57 31 Dec 2003

Despite my 'tongue in cheek' comment. The capacitors retain their charge for a long time even when switched off.

Where's [email protected]@ms's expertise when you need it?

  Big Elf 20:01 31 Dec 2003

I didn't refresh before posting so didn't see that you'd already been inside the PSU.

You are one lucky person!

  [DELETED] 20:01 31 Dec 2003

when i took it apart last time i had no problems , but the way it came apart meant my hands were knowhere near anything.

if i die i'll let you know


  [DELETED] 20:53 31 Dec 2003

Just so not worth it.

Please read the above and then visit click here

YOU might not value your life above £50 Plus P&P but i'm sure there are others that do.

  [DELETED] 21:01 31 Dec 2003

so if i cant open the psu because its too dangerous , i suppose i cant buy one of these then click here

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