Power supply for graphics card-connection

  aca 08:11 26 Dec 2004

Going to but 9800 pro. My existing psu is 400w so should be sufficient?

What type of power connection plug/cable will I need. From the PSU I can see a seperate connector attached to 1 red and 1 black wire. Connector looks like it will take 4 pins.

This looks like what I would plug in to card but wanted to be sure before I order.

Also are there any manufacturers I should steer clear of when buying card?


  €dstowe 08:20 26 Dec 2004

?? I'm mystified by this. Do you mean that the graphics card you intend buying does not obtain its power from the motherboard?

I may be wrong here but, all the computers I've had, and been involved with, do not need a separate power connection other than that from the multi-connection strip that plugs into the AGP (or PCI) socket on the motherboard.

  aca 08:33 26 Dec 2004

Yes as cards are getting more powerful they do require additional supply to that supplied by AGP slot off MB

  €dstowe 08:34 26 Dec 2004

Oh! Thanks for putting me right on that.

I still find it a bit odd though:-)

  ICF 08:35 26 Dec 2004

Most cutting edge cards get power via the power supply now.

This is a good card click here

  ICF 08:38 26 Dec 2004

Sorry the above link is wrong try this one click here

  €dstowe 09:04 26 Dec 2004

I confess I'm not at the "cutting edge" of computer developments - my needs are satisfied by more modest graphics cards.

ICF, I don't see any reference to a separate power requirement in the card that your link directs me to. Please don't go to a lot of trouble over this - I'm happy to accept your statements:-)

  Rayuk 10:11 26 Dec 2004

I think you will find that you need a molex power connector for the 9800Pro
Mine does,if you javnt got a spare ne on your power supply you can get a splitter cable for it.

  Rayuk 10:14 26 Dec 2004

I think one of the Nvidia cards now needs 2 molex connectors to supply the power to the card.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:07 26 Dec 2004

You should find the card comes with the cable you need, and with clear instructions how to fit it. Mine (for a 9700 pro) was a split feed to the hard drive and video card. As far as Manufacturers go - all are licenced by ATI so should be ok. Others may advise you differently from their own experiences.

  ACOLYTE 11:11 26 Dec 2004

Mine was actually on the mobo itself.But my PSU already had the part needed already built in.

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