Power Supply to Graphics Card

  [DELETED] 08:54 28 Jul 2003

Is there any reason why GC suppliers give you a jumper lead for you to power the GC from the Hard Drive power supply? The PSU on my PC has about 3 or 4 spare power connectors, can I use one of these spare ones?

  [DELETED] 09:00 28 Jul 2003

Yes there is a reason - it's to provide more power than is available throught the AGP slot. And yes, you use one of the spare connections from your power supply.

  [DELETED] 09:05 28 Jul 2003

Thanks DieSse,

I realised the the GC needed more power, I was just querying whether I could use the spare power connectors.

  [DELETED] 09:08 28 Jul 2003

OK - all the power connectors are identical. It's actually marginally better practice to use a spare one rather than put an extra adapter in one already going to a drive, if that's what you meant.

  [DELETED] 09:29 28 Jul 2003

Yes that it.

I just wondered if the HD lead carried more power or something. I didn't think it, did but just thought I'd check.

Thanks for the help

  [DELETED] 11:44 28 Jul 2003

No its just in case you don't have enough leads!!

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