Power supply for digital camera

  Rogerfredo 12:55 21 Feb 2004

I just thought I would share this with you:
My new Minolta S414 digital camera "eats" batteries, and when I need to take a picture after storing the camera unused for some time, the batteries (NiMh) are usually flat, which allows my wife to express her views on my camera being a waste of money!
So I thought I would buy a mains power supply so that unplanned pictures of my grand daughter for example, could be taken.
The Minolta power supply costs £50, but a universal digital camera adapter from Uniross costs about £15 max and does the job.
My local Currys actually are selling these for £10 at the moment.

  Sheila-214876 13:37 21 Feb 2004

The biggest problem with using power adapters is, of course, you are limited to the length of the cable. (You can't take pictures outside in the garden if you are plugged into a socket in the house???) I use NiMh (1800mAh) batteries in my Minolta but have not found any problems yet. Haven't used my camera for over a fortnight and the batteries are still showing 75 percent full. I have two sets of batteries, one in the camera and the other set on charge. I also use a USB card reader to tranfer from camera to PC so don't really see the need for a mains adapter.

  g0nvs 13:46 21 Feb 2004

Same here as ennuye, NiMH batteries & card reader,not expensive.Your batteries should last a lot longer.

  Rogerfredo 14:48 21 Feb 2004

I also have top rated NiMh batteries, but I do not always use the camera on a regular basis.
This is why I said that the power adapter is handy for the odd "unplanned" picture. NiMh batteries are renowned for not holding their charge for long periods (unlike Lithium iron which are better at long storage).

  Sheila-214876 15:57 21 Feb 2004

Sorry, but I can't agree with you there on "NiMh batteries are renowned for not holding their charge for long periods" Have just switched my Minolta Z1 camera on after at least two weeks and the battery is still showing 75 percent full, and I still have another set of batteries in the charger if I need to change them.

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