power supply blew up!!

  the Rascal 17:29 03 Nov 2003

Wander if someone could help about my brothers power supply problem
the power supply in question is a FSP14550l i believe its a minny atx or somethink rated at 145 watts
There is a dead short on the ac input side as it blows the plugs fuse each time,he has also tried it out of the case on a diffrent ac cable and it still blows the fuse
Does anyone no weres the best place to get a new on as soon as possible as we have heard they are not easy to get anymore.Bye the way its the 3 three screw one
i would be gratfull to anyone who can help

  Diemmess 17:36 03 Nov 2003

Search the UK database of course.

There seems to be a lot of offers there

  huddy1710 22:40 03 Nov 2003

your local computer shop can probably sell u a new case complete with a power supply for as little as ?30..off the shelf
Transfer ur inards to the new case and bobs ur uncle

  the Rascal 04:39 04 Nov 2003

After a long never ending search i will take huddy 1710's advice it seems the easiest answer
Thanks for the 2 replies i got
Regards The Rascal

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