Power supply Acer Aspire T180-BE7H

  Barrykneeshaw 03:00 28 Nov 2008

My Acer Aspire T180's graphics card came to an end & I have myself installed a GeForce 9500GT which appears to work OK.
A mate tells me that the power supply may be a problem in that my PSU may not have enuff power.
The Graphics card requires 350w. I suspect (without opening the tower again) that the T180 may only supply 250w. Opening the tower was a dangerous thing for me as i am cack handed & can destroy anything...
What are likely problems & how can I alleviate them, or must I get either a new Graphic card that requires lower power or a PSU that supplies greater power?
I am not desirous of my ancient PC bursting into flame or burning out. If I must open the tower again is there anywhere specific I should look to confirm the power wattage?
The various web sites only quote details from an earlier T180 pc with 1 Gb of ram instead of the 2 supplied with my model & other spec differences. Is it possible that my PC has a higher voltage supplyY

Barry Kneeshaw

  johndrew 10:02 28 Nov 2008

If your PSU is not powerful enough to supply all that is expected, it is likely the PC will crash from time to time. Also the PSU will be working hard and may fail; taking your motherboard with it in the worst case.

Information on this subject posted elsewhere click here.

As you have already been inside the PC to fit a new graphics card, you should be able to fit a new PSU click here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:42 28 Nov 2008

PSU wattage is printed on a label on the top of the PSU (just where you can't see it without removing it)

Read review click here halfway down page talks bout 250w PSU

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