power supply

  arzach900 14:08 22 Feb 2013

Hi I am new on this forum. I serched in the forum but i didn t find the answer to my question: I am moving from USA to UK and I have a PC with a 110 volts power supply. Will it be enough to replace it with a 220 volts one or this is a bad idea? what do you suggest?

thank you Giorgio

  Nontek 14:20 22 Feb 2013

Most Power Supplies are Dual Voltage simply requiring a flat-headed screwdriver to adjust the Voltage.

In addition of course a three-pin plug would need to be fitted to cable in place of the US plug.

  arzach900 14:28 22 Feb 2013

thank you for your reply but mine is not dual voltage, it's only 110v

  Taff™ 14:40 22 Feb 2013

Just buy a 220v one when you get over here. I presume it is an ATX case?

  Nontek 14:40 22 Feb 2013

What is the make and model of the PC?

  Nontek 14:41 22 Feb 2013

Also is it Laptop or Desktop?

  arzach900 14:50 22 Feb 2013

it's a desktop CyberpowerPC X126 intel i7 the case is a Thermaltake

  Nontek 15:04 22 Feb 2013

As Taff says above, a UK PSU should do the job, though I would opt for at least a 400W PSU.

  arzach900 15:24 22 Feb 2013

thank you to all for your kind replies, I will replace PSU once in uk


  spuds 15:39 22 Feb 2013

While it should be an easy psu conversion, I would perhaps suggest seeking information about 'exporting and importing' the computer, because depending on the way you do this, it might attract duty/tax fees or charges?.

It might be a cost saving exercise of selling your computer, then making a new purchase here in the UK?.

  woodchip 15:53 22 Feb 2013

Check output volts on pins, that they are the same or it may blow the PC. You can change Input but output volts must be the same on both. We are not talking hear about Watts

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