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  Shamrock Holmes 07:13 09 Feb 2010

As noted on an earlier thread, I am in the process of practicing upgrades on an old e-System base unit that I got for £60 a couple of months back.

Already decided to replace the RAM, HDD and ODD with newer, more efficient components (and up to RAM from 1GB to 2GB), but I've stalled on the graphics front due to the PSU. Which is ColorsIt U500 with a stated output of 500W (240W/20A on the 12V if my maths is right)

It currently outputs via the motherboards built in VGA port from the GMA950 IGP, and power wise that's not too bad for what I need it to do (word processing, internet, DVDs) but I'd like to run a multi-monitor set-up to re-use some old ones.

Do you think that the above PSU could handle a single HDD (likely WD Caviar or Samsung Spinpoint F1/F3), a generic DVD-burner and a Geforce G210 (or it's Gxx successor) or Radeon 5450? Don't particularly want to start swapping out PSUs as the case is extremely cramped. FWIW, CCL sells the same case under the Foxconn name (TLM-397), advertised with 350w PSU and pairs that with the HD4350 or 8400GS (which has a higher power draw that it's replacement the G210).


Shamrock Holmes

  howard64 09:30 09 Feb 2010

it should cope quite well - so far I have never fitted a psu greater than 450W and never had any problems power wise.

  retep888 12:02 09 Feb 2010

Your PSU should do the job absolutely fine,the G210 is a low power consumption card click here and here is a PSU calculator click here .

I believe your PSU has 2x12V rails of 20A outputing 240W each.

I have the same PSU in one of the older PCs running Vista with GTX7800(which runs on 120W idle),4x HDDs and 2 Optical drive for years now without any problem.

  Shamrock Holmes 19:03 09 Feb 2010

Thanks for the quick reponses. retep888, I'm pretty sure that I've got the single rail version of the PSU in question (IIRC, a dual-rail would have something like 12V1 20A 12V2 20A on it. However, as you observed the G210 and HD5450 have much lower idle/load figures than the 7600GTX (about 10-20% I believe) and I'm not planning on installing more than 1 ODD (DVD-DL RW currently) and 'maybe' 2 HDDs - tho if so, only one will be in use a lot.

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